Peppercorn Morgans
Our Lippitt Stallion, Mint Jacob

(Jake Mint x Mint Barb) Mint Barb 2

AMHA #133047 - f. 4/20/94 - BlackChestnut - 14.2 h. - DNA'd

JM1 Blood Percentage: 23.496012% -- 38,491 crosses to JM1 -- 18 crosses to Daniel Lambert 62

  Jake Mint is a double hybrid, the result of two closeup inbred lines. Both from Lippitt Ethan Ash, Robert Lippitt Knight's personal favorite. As you can see, Mint Jacob is a carbon copy of his sire - great disposition plus great beauty, genetically labeled "Over Dominane" it is a logical result of careful selection with intense inbreeding for over 150 years of the horse era.

Mint Jacob stands at stud for the 2008 season by private treaty, semen transport (fresh cooled) available.

To learn more about our Lippitt Morgans, please contact:

Greg & Deborah Siegrist
27 Forrester Drive
Wentzville MO 63385

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