Peppercorn Morgans
        Our Lippitt Mares

Bayside Canadian Mint

(Jake Mint x Woodstock Joan)

AMHA #0143075 - f. 5/04/95 - Bay - 15 h.

JM1 Blood Percentage: 23.544225% -- 21,278 crosses to JM1 -- 7 crosses to Daniel Lambert 62

See colt by Mint Jacob foaled the spring of 2002!
(See photos of Peppercorn Mint Tribute, a full sibling to this foal.)

~ ~ ~

Covenant Elizah Moro #0141905 Foaled 05-11-1995; (Meredith Knight x Covenant Karah Moro)

Covenant Elizah Moro 2013 video

Most Morgans carry only 8-12% JM1 Blood, whereas the Lippitt Family contains
one of the highest, if not the most highest percentages of JM Blood. There
are no illegal or legal outside crosses (Saddlebred, Hackney, etc.) within
the Lippitt Morgan population.

To learn more about our Lippitt Morgans, please contact:


Greg & Deborah Siegrist
27 Forrester Drive
Wentzville MO 63385


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