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Mint Jacob AMHA #133047 (Jake Mint x Mint Barb)

 Foaled: 04-20-1994

Black Chestnut with star

14.2 H


Mint Jacob's sire, Jake Mint, is a double hybrid, the result of two closeup inbred lines. Both lines from Lippitt Ethan Ash, Robert Lippitt Knight's personal favorite. As you can see, Mint Jacob is a carbon copy of his sire. In breeding one of the basic concepts is to "produce as good as, or better than what you have." It is clear that the end result, Mint Jacob, is one of the best stallions ever produced by Jake Mint. Some of his noted attributes are his good disposition, intelligence, and great beauty which he has passed on to all of his offspring. Genetically labeled "Over Dominane" it is a logical result of careful selection with intense inbreeding for over 150 years of the horse era.

Mint Jacob stands at stud via live cover or fresh cooled semen transport.

Private Treaty-Special Price For 2008!

          The Morgan Horse

And so it was that God looked with compassion upon the new and struggling nation, and He said, “ I will give these builders a companion who will lift up their burdens and lift up their hearts and refresh their weariness with his beauty.”

And it came to pass that He set in their midst, a small and sturdy horse of fiery spirit, powerful and strong but gentle with lines etched in matchless beauty, so that even as he eased their burdens, their eyes beheld in wonder his grace and symmetry of form, and they could find no flaw in him and neither could they name his origin.

The builders and the horse wrought well together and a new nation was born and they called her name America.

The horse was Justin Morgan, given by God to the nation thru a humble schoolmaster, this day enthroned in the hearts of men so that his name shall endure forever, and he shall tread the golden trail of ages, side by side with man, and it shall be said of him that he helped build America.

Edna Tisdale.


Home of Mint Jacob

Dessage at 2010 Boone Co Society Horse Show Dressage

Garrocha at 2010 Boone Co Society Horse Show Garrocha

See Mint Jacob in backyard fun Backyard Fun

See Mint Jacob pulling logs Pulling Logs
See Mint Jacob performing at Garfield Farm Garfield Farm
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